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The SOS JBVC project will work in partnership with: London CRC (Probation), the NPS (National Probation Service that manages higher risk offenders), Southwark YOS (Young Offenders Service), Southwark Children’s Services and the Southwark Community Safety Team to identify young people who meet the following criteria:

  • In custody
  • Either gang involved or at high risk of gang involvement
  • Due for release to Southwark or originating from Southwark

The majority will be within the 15 – 25 age range but this is not a rigid criteria.

Pre Release

  • To receive 40 referrals from either custodial or community
  • partners
  • 30 young people to receive continuous support in custody from 3
  • months prior to release, with ongoing 1:1 support during this time
  • 30 young people to be offered a through the Gates service
  • 20 young people to meet Johnson Beharry VC

Post-release support

  • 30 young people to be offered community based support from the
  • SOS Caseworker and through other agencies as appropriate
  • Young people to reconnect with Johnson Beharry VC


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